Amy_bioDr Amy Chadwick is a Naturopathic Doctor and Fellow of the American College of Endobiogenic Medicine and Integrative Physiology. Graduated from National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, OR, Dr Chadwick opened Soaring Crane Natural Health Center in 2007 in Alaska. With a successful family practice, Dr Chadwick craved more specificity and subtlety in her work with patients, continuing to seek the “Why” behind their imbalance and disease.Completing a two-year fellowship in Endobiogenic medicine in May 2014, and moving her practice to San Diego, Dr Chadwick enthusiastically practices naturopathic and Endobiogenic medicine, treating patients with chronic disease, assisting with life transitions, and offering preventive care and tools for thriving.

Dr Chadwick continues to avidly study Endobiogenic medicine, systems biology, plant medicine, and the interweaving wisdom traditions to understand what it is to be alive and to live well. Dr Chadwick is also committed to the principal of Docere, Doctor as Teacher, leading her to speak, teach and write, and share her expertise, encouraging curiosity in her audiences. With a passion for observing, being in and learning more about her natural world, Dr Chadwick delights in beauty, spirit, stories, patterns, sound, movement, truth and the infinite complexity of the universe.