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NAHA’s World of Aromatherapy Conference Proceedings will be published in full color in October of 2020. It will be available to all conference attendees and for purchase in NAHA’s website bookstore. Your advertisement has potential long-term visibility!
Advertising Options NAHA Member Rates Non-Member Rates Specs
Full Page $250 $350 7.1”w 9.6”h
Half Page $125 $250 7.1”w 4.7”h
Quarter Page (Standard) $100 $175 3.4”w x 4.7”h
Quarter Page (Banner) $100 $175 7.1”w x 2.3”h
Business Card $75 $100 Horizontal: 3.4”w x 2.3” h
Note: 300 dpi required.

All World of Aromatherapy Conference Proceedings Advertisements are due no later than August 1, 2020.

Advertising Details

Terms of Payment:
All advertising must be paid for in advance of publication. No ads will run unless payment has been received prior to publication.
Every effort will be made to honor your ad placement request. All ad placements are on a first come, first serve basis.
The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy and the editor/publisher is not, in any event, liable for any error which occurs with your ad. NAHA will not, in any event, be liable for loss of income or profits or any consequential damages. NAHA reserves the right to reject any advertisements that are deemed unacceptable, inappropriate or unsuitable. Advertisements with dated content material are not accepted for publication in the Aromatherapy Journal.
NAHA has the right to reject any advertisement materials that contain promotion of unsafe and/or contraindicated use of essential oils and aromatherapy techniques.
Please note: No official grading system for essential oils exists in the USA. We therefore cannot accept ads which state: “therapeutic grade, medical grade,” etc. It is acceptable to use the word “quality” instead of grade (e.g., “therapeutic quality”).
NAHA DOES NOT: Sell Essential Oils or Aromatherapy products. NAHA neither endorses nor approves of any particular product, brand, product-selling business or service which pays to advertise online or in the NAHA Aromatherapy journal, newsletters or other media and publication formats.

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