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The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) is eagerly preparing for the upcoming, World of Aromatherapy X Conference & Wellness Exhibit, scheduled for June 15-18, 2021. Our theme is: Beyond Aromatics: Ancient Wisdom To Modern Science. This epic educational event will be attended by hundreds of professional aromatherapists and enthusiasts from around the world. This conference and its exhibits will provide a valuable opportunity to network with industry leaders, advance our knowledge, enhance our practices, and raise the bar for our profession as a whole. The 2021 World of Aromatherapy Conference will be held at the prestigious University of Utah Conference Center & Botanical Garden, located in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

NAHA would like to warmly extend an invitation to your company to participate by kindly donating a small item for our welcome gift bags. A welcome gift bag will be given to each person in attendance during registration. This donation gives your company direct visibility to your target market. In exchange, NAHA will list your company name, including a link to your website, on the conference website, and proceedings.

To Become a Donor please fill out the form through the button located at the top of the screen. Once you're ready to ship please mail 500 inserts/product samples along with any raffle prizes you would like to donate to:

ATTN: Goodie Bags
6000 S. 5th Ave
Pocatello ID 83204

*Please be sure your samples are either placed into a baggie along with your insert or securely attached to your flyer by some other method. Brochures or leaflets that accompany samples should be folded and placed within a bag (cloth or plastic) no larger than 4" x 6". Unless you are a sponsor, we cannot accept brochures, advertising, or other paper goods without a sample. Ingredients should either be listed on the sample product label or included on an ingredient insert/flyer. Once you ship, please send tracking info the the NAHA office via

We also welcome any raffle gifts that you would like to send. Raffle gifts must be sent to the NAHA warehouse no later than May 1st, 2021

ATTN: Raffle Gifts
6000 S. 5th Ave
Pocatello ID 83204

If you are planning on sending in ONLY raffle gifts please email a description of your Raffle Gift(s), the name of your company, contact email and phone number, and tracking info to the NAHA office via

Note: It is important that you include: "Attn: Goodie Bags" or "Attn: Raffle Gifts" so your shipment can be properly routed upon receipt. Sorry, we are unable to accept samples or gifts shipped after the deadlines listed. If you have samples you would like to give out after the deadline, you may transport them to the conference yourself and hand them out from your trade show booth. Samples and paper materials may only be passed out by approved trade show vendors from the confines of your booth space. The conference committee reserves the right to reject any goodie bag sample deemed to be unsuitable. Unapproved solicitors will not be permitted at the conference.

Late raffle gifts will be accepted at the conference. Please be sure you notify the NAHA office with a detailed description of the raffle gift you will be bringing to the conference, and then give the gift to the book store staff upon arrival.

*Goodie bag samples must be aromatherapy related and/or plant based (no food items). Please read these guidelines carefully to make sure your samples meet the specified guidelines. If you are unsure, please send a detailed description of your proposed sample(s) to the NAHA office in advance for approval.

Raffle items can be aromatherapy related and/or plant based (no food items), as well as full size items such as diffusers, books, products, gift certificates for courses/product, etc. No sales-related items that require the raffle winner to purchase additional items will be accepted.

*Please note if you send in any product that violates our terms of eligibility your items will be shipped back to you at your own expense

If you would like to increase your exposure further, consider becoming a tote bag sponsor which includes a full page ad in our Aromatherapy e-Journal and the Conference Proceedings!

Thank you to our 2021 Sponsors!

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