Herbal Family Group was built on the mission of crafting, producing and exporting Egyptian Essential oils, concrete and absolutes to the worldwide market for flavors, fragrances, pharmaceuticals application and aromatherapy. Today with one of the biggest production facilities and most advanced quality control department in Egypt, HFG is the pioneer of supplying Therapeutic quality Essential oils.

Our Mission: To keep our promises in delivering Pure, Natural essential oils. It’s not only about supplying our products; it’s about Quality, Safety, Traceability, Sustainability and Customer’s Loyalty.

Our Vision:

  • Under the project of Expanding new Farms; an equation of new cultivation challenges with more focus on: strict quality Control, bigger production capacity with some Environmental responsibility to ensure at the end our Quality, safety, sustainability and traceability to Manage and sustain our Progress and success.
  • Being environmentally friendly; this enhances our environmental compatibility and raising our chances to be addressed in the market sector of “Natural” products.
  • Limit the use of pesticide
  • More agriculture practice
  • Waste-management programs to reduce water waste
  • Having our own farms will insure that everything is going Natural and Pure. Also having always supervision on the quality process and production steps. As well as keeping in mind how to be environmentally safe oriented.