Marco Valussi is a Clinical Phytotherapist with a specific expertise in essential oils. He gained his degree in Herbal Medicine (BSc. (Hons.)) in 1998 from Middlesex University, London, after obtaining a Diploma in Aromatherapy and Bodywork in 1995 from ITHMA.
Since 1996 he has written more than 120 articles for different professional journals and magazines, on different subjects related to medicinal and aromatic plants. In 2005 he has published with Tecniche Nuove (Milan, Italy) a professional textbook on essential oil science, now in its second edition.
His latest articles are:
Valussi, M. (2011) “Functional foods with digestion-enhancing properties” International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition Valussi, M., Scirè, A.S. (2012) “Quantitative ethnobotany and traditional functional foods”. Nutra foods (2012) 12:73-81 Valussi, M. (2014) “Essential oils and their biological activities in the light of evolutionary theory: a review of the field including synergy and network pharmacology”. IJCA, 9(1-2): 69-84 Sharifi-Rad J, Sureda A, Tenore GC, Daglia M, Sharifi-Rad M, Valussi M, Tundis R, Sharifi-Rad M, Loizzo MR, Oluwaseun Ademiluyi A, Sharifi-Rad R, Abdulmajid Ayatollahi S and Iriti M (2017) “Biological Activities of Essential Oils From Plant Chemoecology to Traditional Healing Systems.” Molecules, 22, 70; doi:10.3390/ He is an educator and public speaker at various levels on the subjects of medicinal plants and their usage: Continuing Education courses for herbalists, pharmacists and medical doctors, seminars as Visiting Professor at the Masters in Medicinal Plants at the Universities of Florence, Siena and Pisa.
He is a consultant for the herbal and essential oil industry and works as a consultant for internationals NGOs working in the field of traditional medicine in developing countries (Nicaragua, Kenya, Nepal, Colombia, Cabo Verde).
He is the scientific director of FX Laboratorio Benessere srl, producer of the essential oils Gadoi He is a member of the Scientific Committees for the professional magazine “L’Erborista”, for the association for ecological dermatology “Skineco”, and he is a scientific consultant for the Italian Society of Herbal Science and Technology (SISTE). He is the Italian representative for EHTPA (European Herbal and Traditional Practitioners Association).
He is a member of the “Italian Society for Research on Essential Oils” (SIROE)