Roxana-VillaLike the facets of a gem Roxana’s pure botanical perfumes reflect a myriad of synergistic disciplines. Professional training in aromatherapy cultivated her nose with a firm knowledge of the healing attributes found in the plant kingdom.

As an award winning artist she brings gifts of storytelling, conceptual thinking and a strong visual aesthetic to her work in fragrance. These two disciplines weave seamlessly with her natural instincts into authentic expressions of olfactory art. The insignia of the honey bee, who creates a golden elixir from the flowering earth, is the beating heart and luminous soul at the core of these creations.

Roxana Illuminated Perfume was birthed with an intention to bring light to the inherent beauty of nature. From her apothecary in the Santa Monica Mountains Roxana mindfully formulates and pours each perfume herself, in addition to tending hives of feral honey bees amidst a garden of California native plants.