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Raghda Abdelmaksoud

Raghda Abdelmaksoud

Raghda Abdelmaksoud  

Raghda holds a Bachelor’s degree in  English Literature and arts as well as supply chain management, she is  practicing  aromatherapy since 2015 as a clinical certified Aromatherapist, Raghda is an expert with 23 years of experience in global business development in the MAP” Medicinal and Aromatic plants”, flavors – fragrance and essential oils industries and has been teaching aromatherapy Internationally through her NAHA accredited School  “ Ebers School Of Aromatherapy “,  

Raghda is the International Director for Egypt and the International Relations committee Chair for NAHA , Egypt’s Ambassador at the Airmid Institute, and technical committee member for the WFFC “ Women For Flavors and Fragrance North America” 

Raghda believes that Plants are a universal language that connects us all, they are the agents of nature for our healing journey and a living example of hope, Raghda actively presents her work on MAP business development, education and sustainability at various conferences and universities worldwide. To learn more about Raghda , please visit her website at  

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