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Katalin Kovács

Katalin Kovács

"My name is Katalin Kovacs (Katie) , I was born in Csikszereda, a small town in Transylvania, Romania. I graduated from university in Hungary, now I live in Budapest. 

From a very young age , I was attracted by nature. My love and respect comes from the way my parents had lived , in their case it was not only a passion, but a way of survival, because during communism  poverty forced many people into self- sufficiency. Everyone knew the forest and the fields, what was poisonous or safe, every family had their chamber full of jars with marmalade and syrups, dried herbs and mushrooms, home-made ointments and herbal extracts. I dare to say they knew their body better than we do today, they had an ear for their inner voice and took greater responsibility for everything. Without learning from the books, they knew what herb was good for which ailment, they knew when to collect and how much to leave behind - today we call this sustainability-  and how to use it.  It took me a few years to realize how precious this legacy really is for me. After my first encounter with essential oils, about 13 years ago, I knew that I needed an official frame for all I knew instinctively and I longed to learn more. 

I received my Aromatherapy Certificate in 2013 from the Panarom Institution, Budapest, an IFA (International Federation of Aromatherapist ) accredited school, and ever since I am a member.  I have attended many courses online and also travelled abroad to learn from some of the world leading experts in aromatherapy.

This year, 2022, I became a certified phytotherapist.  My mission is to share my knowledge, since aromatherapy related literature is scarce in Hungarian language. I feel that everybody should know and be able to use herbs and essential oils safely and effectively. By teaching, I aim to turn people's attention to their closest surrounding, to the beauty of the whole process from the collection to production, by using what nature has to offer right in front of them, instead of ordering something online from the other end of the world."

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