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María Concepción Ruiz Sánchez

María Concepción Ruiz Sánchez

María Concepción Ruiz Sánchez is a psychologist specialized in prevention and treatment of addictions and she also has studied aromatherapy since 2007 with many different schools in Spain and in  on-line schools internationally. She is the CEO founder of Florian´s Aromaterapia, a small family Company of essential oils and other aromatic products.  

Born in 1967 in the mediterranean southeast coast of Spain, she earned her bachelor degree in Psychology from University of Murcia and the Master Degree in University of Alicante.   

She´s been practicing psychoaromatherapy during her carreer since she has been always interested in the psychological therapeutic uses of essential oils for the treatment and recovery of many different psychopathological issues, as depression, anxiety, stress and trauma, as she considers that  essential oils are a very potent tool that can enhance significantely any treatment in every psychological approach being used.  

She is also a teacher in the on-line school Escuela de Aromaterapia Clásica y Contemporánea, where she teaches Psychoaromatherapy.  

She is devoted to research how essential oils and other aromatics can improve mental health in a more natural manner and how to apply in pattients  the results of the many investigations taking place in the world about the therapeutic effects of essential oils and their compounds in the physical and mental health of people.  

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