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Man and Plants. It is such an old story! It's ­actually a love story of Man with Nature and its subtle energies. Plants are the major ­'energy transfer beings' on our planet due to their intrinsic harmony with the light of the cosmos. They are our partners for life in an ancient alliance in amazing patterns of connectedness.

Oshadhi is the Sanskrit word for 'medicinal plant' and means 'carrier of sunlight'. We offer 500 different essential oils, 80 hydrosols, and 80 carrier oils. These are mostly sourced direct from the grower (or sometimes a growers' cooperative), based on relationships that have been developed over 30 years. The collection is the creation of Dr Malte Hozzel, who commented: 'Our treasure hunt for the best oils goes on, and we enjoy being a part of this awakening to new values of life'.

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