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Sedona Aromatics

Sedona Aromatics is a privately self-funded scholarship school, following the L3C business model concept (a low profit approach) and helping to reach lower-income communities obtain an aromatherapy education. We offer NAHA approved certification programs, as well as NAHA approved CE classes. Sedona Aromatics is also home to the online Botanical Aromatherapy™ membership school. Our emphasis is on the connection between plants and people.

Sedona Aromatics was founded in 2007 by professional creative Sharon Falsetto Chapman, BA (Hons): Aromatherapist, herbalist, botanical perfumer, published author and editor. Sharon has been working in healthcare since the 90’s with an emphasis on complementary medicine practices since the early 00’s. She is the published author of Authentic Aromatherapy through the New York publishing house, Skyhorse Publishing Inc. All of our content is written in-house, original, and online.

Sharon is also the founder of Sedona Aromatics Scent House (SASH) where she creates original botanical fragrances. All fragrances are small-batch, artisan-made, and sourced from high quality botanicals ensuring quality, authenticity, and creativity in each product.

We hope that you will support us in our botanical endeavors!


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