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Mother, Baby, and Child - A Journey Through Pregnancy, Childbirth and Motherhood

Mother, Baby, and Child - A Journey Through Pregnancy, Childbirth and Motherhood

The Price family name is synonymous with Aromatherapy. Penny grew up alongside the emergence of the use of essential oil and has been a major influence in the evolution of aromatherapy as it has become recognised as an academic discipline. She was initially trained by her mother, Shirley Price, and then pursued her own studies, being awarded the first research degree from Oxford University, exploring the use of essential oils in behaviour management in special needs education.

Penny founded her company Penny Price Aromatherapy and the Penny Price Academy in 2003 and the company now has 9 distributorships over the world with 8 designated Academies teaching clinical aromatherapy.

As a lecturer in the therapeutic use of essential oils, Penny has travelled throughout Europe, the Far East and South America. Penny has contributed substantially to peer-reviewed journals as well as populist articles for magazines, alongside writing and contributing to the academic texts on the medical use of aromatherapy and essential oils.  She is also co-editor of the 5th Edition of Aromatherapy for Health Professionals, and author or Aromatherapy for Babies and Children. After 37 years of studying the chemistry and pharmacology of essential oils, Penny is regarded as a world expert.

Penny’ aromatherapy skincare formulations for key clients have proved to become market leaders, winning awards and gaining press attention for the companies involved. Her expertise and knowledge have proved invaluable when producing products that work, and with a scientific ‘story’ behind them. Working in partnership with De Montfort University, Penny continues research into skin conditions, various ailments and of course, the essential oils themselves.

Penny lives in Birmingham with her husband Bob, a Rector in the Church of England. They share an active family life with 12 grandchildren and their two black Labradors Dibley and Deacon.

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