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Fusion AromaTherapy for Peripheral Neuropathy

Fusion AromaTherapy for Peripheral Neuropathy

My name is Madeleine Kerkhof. I own De Levensboom, Centre for Complementary Care and I am the chairperson of Kicozo, the Knowledge Institute for Complementary Nursing in The Netherlands ( It is accredited by the Board of Nursing’s Quality Registry.

Some thirty years ago I trained to be a nurse. The main reason to leave the hospital and nursing, was that I wanted to care for patients in a more holistic way, especially for the most fragile patients and the terminally ill.

After I left nursing I gained a wealth of experience and expertise in natural orientated health care and trained and worked as a herbalist, hydrotherapist and aromatherapist. In 2003 I started my school where I train nurses and other health care professionals on complementary care techniques. Palliative and terminal care have my special interest and expertise. I am passionate about the integration of complementary care in modern nursing care and mainstream healthcare. I am an expert in teaching nurses how to use small, easy to implement techniques to improve quality of life and dying. I work with numerous hospices, home care organisations and nursing homes, of which many have adopted working with essential oils and other complementary interventions, such as massage, relaxation techniques and aquacare (compresses, foot baths etc.).

In June 2015 I published my book on complementary palliative nursing: “Complementary Nursing in End of Life Care. For my book and my teachings I have done much research. I am an advocate of as much evidence based care as possible.

I also produce aromacare products for hospitals, hospices and nursing homes.

I am a member of various professional associations and I am involved in activities of various palliative and integrative networks.

Furthermore I am the chairperson of a registered charity in palliative care.

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