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Pamela Ruiz

Pamela Ruiz

Pamela Ruiz, Founder Director of the Esencias & Aromas Group, opened the Aromatienda Esencias & Aromas in 2006 with the initial objective of marketing aromatherapy products and supplies. In 2008, she established the Aromatherapy Institute and the Villa Esencia Research Center; the latter is located in Huarochirí, two hours away from the city of Lima, where students can visit the nursery of aromatic herbs and plants as well as witness the distillation of plants through the still. Currently Villa Esencia is also a place of peak - energetic - spiritual retreats.

Pamela Ruiz. Bachelor in Industrial Engineering (University of Lima, Peru), Master in Business Administration MBA (University of Piura, Peru), Master in Aromatherapy (European University Miguel de Cervantes, Spain), Diploma in Alternative and Natural Medicine (Wiener University, Peru). Artisan perfumer (Studies in Spain, France and Argentina). Pampamisayoc (Initiated by the María Apaza lineage of the Q’ero tradition, Cusco). Member of the Peruvian Society of Alternative and Complementary Medicine (SPEMAC).

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