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The JennScents Aromaversity® offers holistic, professional and clinical aromatherapy certifications as well as online specialized classes in Advanced Blending Techniques, Aromatherapy for Mind-Body Health, Aromatherapy & Botanicals for Gastrointestinal Issues, Aromatherapy for Skin Care and more. Open enrollment 24/7. Courses are designed to offer in-depth training, knowledge and hands-on education about in bridging holistic health modalities for complete mind-body well-being. Learn about the fundamentals of aromatic history, modern developments, principles, safety, quality, botany, practical application methods, aroma-chemistry, blending guidelines and techniques, 60+ essential oil profiles, 40+ carrier profiles, business ethics and much more. Aimed to help you develop your skills and scentillect as a trained phyto-aromatherapist. Courses and certifications include access to the online course platform, instructional audio-visual lessons, guidance and mentoring along your journey from the instructor to put your knowledge into practice. Bridging Scentillect® & Scenterpretation® for Mind-Body Health.

Healthy Aromatic Blessings, Jennifer Pressimone

Certified Clinical PhytoAromatherapist, Author, Speaker, Formulator

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