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Ashi Aromatics Animal Aromatherapy

Ashi Aromatics Animal Aromatherapy

Do you love animals? Are you considering a holistic career working with animals and their caregivers? Do you want to learn more about aromatherapy for use with your animal friends? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you may be interested in our unique and specialized courses. We offer Aromatherapy and Botanical Studies to assist you on your path to become a qualified Animal Aromatherapist and Animal Flower Essence Practitioner. Our courses are unique in that it offers a complete program designed with the main focus on Animal Aromatics and Botanical Studies.

The Animal Aromatherapy Practitioner Certification Course(sm) is a 300+hour online program specific to the use with animals. Our courses are approved by NAHA and HAA (Holistic Animal Aromatherapy Association). Continuing Education is available for NAHA & HAA members as well as for CFA (Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists) Members. Course registration includes access to student forum and instructor mentorship support.

We also offer programs in Animal Aroma Acupoint Massage(sm), Auricular Aromatherapy, Energy Therapies, and more.

Your Instructor Kelly Holland Azzaro, RA, CCAP, CBFP, LMT has over 25 years professional experience in aromatherapy, massage, and energy therapies for both humans and their animal friends. She specializes in Animal Aromatherapy and Flower Essences and shares her passion, knowledge, and practical real-life experience on these topics to help education and empower others.

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