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Salvatore Battaglia


Penny Price


Annette Davis


Jennifer Hochell Pressimone


Sharon Falsetto

Herbs and plants have been used for centuries, harvested directly from our gardens and used as medicine in the form of oils, waters, perfumes, tinctures, salves, and teas. As more and more people become interested in essential oils and aromatherapy, the issue of sustainability rises to the fore.

In this workshop, we will go “back-to-basics” and look at some of the ways in which commonly-grown garden plants (such as sage, thyme, mint, basil, calendula, sunflower and more) were used in the past, and how we can adapt those plants for use today. How can we grow our own plants and use them not just as essential oils, but as hydrosols, infused oils, in compresses, soaks, salts, teas, flower essences, and more?

This workshop will cover examples of case studies I’ve encountered in practice, a scent blending exercise with essential oils, and a sample of common garden plant monographs.

By the end of this workshop, I hope that you will be inspired to think about how you can use plants from your garden in aromatherapy (in various formats), both therapeutically and aromatically, or have the knowledge to choose products that utilize these methods.

Kelly Holland Azzaro


Rose Chard


Kelly Ablard


Jessie Hawkins


Gabriel Mojay

Gabriel Mojay LicAc,CertEd,FIFPA

Elixir of Life: The antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties of essential oils and aromatic herbal medicines in preventing and addressing age-related neurological conditions

The 16th century physician, botanist and alchemist Paracelsus wrote that humble herb melissa contains the power to yield, through the art of distillation, a purifying elixir that works to “preserve the human body for a second and subsequent periods of life, which also protect it altogether from diseases, corruptions, superfluities, and other diminutions of its powers”.

The intuitive perceptions of the ancient philosopher-physicians and distiller-alchemists as to benefits of aromatic plants and their essential oils and herbal extracts are borne out by contemporary research demonstrating, in particular, the antioxidant,  anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective and neurostimulant activities of phytoaromatic compounds.

The pharmacologically neuroprotective effects of essential oils can be defined in terms of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) as fortifying the genetic Essence (Jing), thereby helping to shield the Jing from injury and early decline.


In this presentation, Gabriel Mojay examines the properties and uses of specific aromatic plants, their essential oils and herbal extracts in the prevention, treatment and management of common age-associated neurological health conditions, interweaving historical insights, research evidence, and TCM treatment principles.

David Crow

Combining Herbs and Essential Oils

This presentation explores the principles and practice of integrating essential oils and aromatherapy into herbal treatments for added therapeutic effects and benefits.

The class will cover:

  •  The nature of essential oils and their different levels of compatibility with herbs
  •  When and how essential oils and aromatherapy are a primary, adjunct or contraindicated treatment
  •  Using aromatic herbs in place of essential oils
  •  Combining essential oils and aromatherapy with:
    • Expectorant, mucolytic, decongestant and antitussive herbs
    • Nervine relaxant, sedative and anxiolytic herbs
    • Demulcent herbs
    • Anti-spasmotic and analgesic herbs
    • Antimicrobial herbs
    • Cholagogue and laxative herbs
    • Immune modulating and immune stimulating herbs
    • Adaptogen, trophorestorative and neuroendocrine regulating herbs
    • Anti-inflammatory herbs
    • Emmenagogue and uterine tonic herbs
Valerie Cooksley


Bevin Clare


Angela Sidlo


Dawn Langley-Brady


Jean Marie Bokelmann, M.D.


Tiffany Carole


Rachel Koenig


Jah Skipper


Ginger Andro


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