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Conference Speakers

Salvatore Battaglia

Aromatree: A Useful Tool to Make Sense of the Complexity of Aromatherapy

with Salvatore Battaglia 

I would like to share with you my inspiration behind the aromatree. It has been an idea that I have had for over 30 years when I first began teaching aromatherapy and has over time evolved to reflect the complexity and diversity of aromatherapy.

It is not a new idea. I have drawn on many concepts to create the aromatree. I find it a very useful tool to make sense of the complexity of aromatherapy. As an aromatherapy educator, I often notice how frustrated people become when they have to learn the individual properties and actions of essential oils. I noticed that there were many relationships that excited between the individual essential oils and different parts of the plant such as the leaves, roots, resin, wood, fruits, seed or flowers.

Penny Price

Mother, Baby and Child – a Journey through Pregnancy, Childbirth and Motherhood

with Penny Price 

This seminar will explore the safe and proper uses of esential oils and aromatherapy techniques for each stage of motherhood. Beginning with pregnancy, I will talk about which essential oils we can use, and the methods of treatment for clinic and for the home. Using chemistry to define what are and what are not safe essential oils, we then move to how we would use essential oils on babies and children in an appropriate way, while also discussing common ailments, recipes and massage techniques. The focus of the webinar is on how to improve the quality of life during pregnancy and childbirth and also how to give children the best start in life using our wonderful essential oils.

Annette Davis

To ingest, or not to ingest, that is the question.

with Annette Davis 

Essential oils are powerful tools in a clinical phytotherapy toolbox, however using them internally can be highly controversial. This presentation will explore the history and rationale for using essential oils internally, as well as cover safety guidelines and circumstances where internal use may not be appropriate.

Jennifer Hochell Pressimone

Scenterpretation for Psychological Health: Connecting Mind, Body, Spirit & Soul  through customized blending

with Jennifer Pressimone

Essential oils have long been used to support psychological health. This presentation explores the impact aromatherapy has on the psyche to drive certain behaviors, how to interpret scent responses for particular psychological needs, and discusses various aromatherapy methods and techniques to facilitate mind-body alignment. You will review and actual case study from initial analysis and scent meanings that pinpoint disharmonies, to formulation of a phyto-aromatherapy blend using a unique method. 

Sharon Falsetto

The Garden Apothecary: Traditional Aromatics for 2021

with Sharon Falsetto

Herbs and plants have been used for centuries, harvested directly from our gardens and used as medicine in the form of oils, waters, perfumes, essences, salves, and teas. As more and more people become interested in essential oils and aromatherapy, the issue of sustainability rises to the fore.

In this workshop, we will go “back-to-basics” and look at some of the ways in which commonly-grown garden plants (such as sage, thyme, mint, basil, calendula, sunflower and more) were used in the past, and how we can adapt those plants for use today. How can we use the plants readily available to us in our gardens not just as essential oils, but as hydrosols, infused oils, in compresses, soaks, salts, teas, flower essences, and more?

This workshop will look in detail at examples of case studies I’ve encountered in practice and offer a sample of common garden plant monographs. It will also feature all of my own photography from my garden.

By the end of this workshop, I hope that you will be inspired to think about how you can use plants from your garden in aromatherapy (in various formats), both therapeutically and aromatically, or have the knowledge to choose products that utilize these methods.

Kelly Holland Azzaro

Animal Aromatherapy: Exploring the use of Botanicals in Wound Healing (Emotional & Physical)

with Kelly Holland Azzaro 


This workshop will explore the use of aromatic essences and botanical bases for you and your animal friends. Learn how these gentle yet powerful allies may be used to help support the healing process on many levels. Whether it be from emotional and/or physical trauma, much like us, our animal friends may also have gone through their own trauma. And, our normal response is to help bring comfort and ease their pain and discomfort. What better way to do so, then, than to tap into the healing power of plants?

I will show you botanicals that help to soothe the body, mind, and spirit. I will help to empower fellow animal lovers to think outside the box and think more so from what a simple garden box may offer. Learn about simple ingredients to use with minor skin and wound care, seasonal bug relief, and paw and hoof care. We will also explore the use of flower power for emotional balance and support, and how these simple and effective tools should be a part of everyone’s botanical tool box.

My passion is teaching and sharing with others. My hope is to always empower through education. Whether you are a caregiver to your own animal friends or work with animals you will learn about these natural-based options which are safe, effective, and easy to use! Put what you learn in this workshop to positive action for helping your own animal friends and those in need of a loving home.

Rose Chard

Staying Young Naturally: Plant Oils and Essential Oils for Healthy Skin

with Rose Chard 

Our skin is a vital organ with several functions. In order to help take care of our skin, we need to nourish it not only from the inside out but also from the outside in. This presentation will detail the importance of using nourishing plant oils, hydrosols and essential oils in your daily skin-care routine for optimum skin health. By detailing the skins structure and its functions and also looking a plant oil’s composition, we will see that our bodies respond better to natural ingredients over and against commercial products. The presenter will share her experiences of several plant oils, hydrosols and essential oils that she has used in her spa for many years.

Kelly Ablard

Plant Genetics: The Future of Conservation

with Kelly Ablard 

Touching on genetic analyses and techniques, it will discuss genetic considerations for the sustainable management of essential oil-bearing plants, and review how conservation genetics is helping to preserve threatened species such as rosewood (Aniba rosaeodora), sandalwood (Santalum album), and frankincense (Boswellia spp.) — as well as helping to protect species whose identification is misunderstood, as is the case of muna (Minthostachys spp.).

Jessie Hawkins

Results of Study Evaluating Lavender and Tea Tree Oils as Potential Endocrine Disruptors

with Jesse Hawkins

Claims of a causal relationship between lavender essential oil, tea tree essential oil, and prepubertal gynecomastia have loomed over the field of aromatherapy for over a decade. In this session, Jessie Hawkins, PhD, describes the multi-phase epidemiological research project Franklin Health is undertaking to settle this issue. 

In this session, you will receive pre-publication findings from the only epidemiological study to examine these claims, as well as information from the first three publications to come from this project. Dr. Hawkins will outline how exposure is accurately measured and verified, the extent of evidence for and against the causal relationship in the scientific literature, and the findings of the studies conducted so far in this project. You’ll leave feeling empowered to provide accurate, evidence-based information on the safety and science of these two oils for all populations, including pediatrics. 

Gabriel Mojay

Elixir of Life

with Gabriel Mojay

Elixir of Life: The antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties of essential oils and aromatic herbal medicines in preventing and addressing age-related neurological conditions

The 16th century physician, botanist and alchemist Paracelsus wrote that humble herb melissa contains the power to yield, through the art of distillation, a purifying elixir that works to “preserve the human body for a second and subsequent periods of life, which also protect it altogether from diseases, corruptions, superfluities, and other diminutions of its powers”.

The intuitive perceptions of the ancient philosopher-physicians and distiller-alchemists as to benefits of aromatic plants and their essential oils and herbal extracts are borne out by contemporary research demonstrating, in particular, the antioxidant,  anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective and neurostimulant activities of phytoaromatic compounds.

The pharmacologically neuroprotective effects of essential oils can be defined in terms of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) as fortifying the genetic Essence (Jing), thereby helping to shield the Jing from injury and early decline.


In this presentation, Gabriel Mojay examines the properties and uses of specific aromatic plants, their essential oils and herbal extracts in the prevention, treatment and management of common age-associated neurological health conditions, interweaving historical insights, research evidence, and TCM treatment principles.

Pejman Katiraei

When Anxiety is Not Anxiety

with Dr. Pejman Katiraei

Objective: To empower you to comfortably use phytotherapeutics to support children with complex behavioral challenges.

Description: Many children (and adults) present with psychological manifestations of anxiety, OCD, etc. Often, we are quick to prescribe symptomatic management for these challenges without truly understanding why they are occuring in the first place. This presentation will help you understand why certain behavioral/psychological manifestations occur, and how you can use select phytotherapeutics to rebalance their system at a core level, thus resolving imbalance with efficiency. 

David Crow

Combining Herbs and Essential Oils

with David Crow

This presentation explores the principles and practice of integrating essential oils and aromatherapy into herbal treatments for added therapeutic effects and benefits.

The class will cover:

  •  The nature of essential oils and their different levels of compatibility with herbs
  •  When and how essential oils and aromatherapy are a primary, adjunct or contraindicated treatment
  •  Using aromatic herbs in place of essential oils
  •  Combining essential oils and aromatherapy with:
    • Expectorant, mucolytic, decongestant and antitussive herbs
    • Nervine relaxant, sedative and anxiolytic herbs
    • Demulcent herbs
    • Anti-spasmotic and analgesic herbs
    • Antimicrobial herbs
    • Cholagogue and laxative herbs
    • Immune modulating and immune stimulating herbs
    • Adaptogen, trophorestorative and neuroendocrine regulating herbs
    • Anti-inflammatory herbs
    • Emmenagogue and uterine tonic herbs
Bevin Clare

Clinical Herbalism and Aromatic Medicine

with Bevin Clare 

Herbalists and aromatherapists alike have great admiration and adoration of aromatic plants, but herbalists tend to look at them with a bit of a different lens. Where aromatherapists find nuance in the volatile elements, herbalists are also looking at heavy, slimy, tactile things in plants. Join Bevin to explore the intersection of herbal medicine and aromatherapy as we explore the aromatic herbal medicines in clinical practice and take a deeper look at how they can be applied in whole food or culinary format.

Angela Sidlo

Menopause Success - Using Aroma Point Therapy for Hormone Balance

with Angela Sidlo 

In this presentation, Angela Sidlo shares how she has implemented Aroma Point Therapy using the fragrance energetics of essential oils with key acupuncture points to help women navigate the menopause years. Using the model of the biological terrain to demonstrate how essential oils have the potential to shift hormonal imbalances when placed on specific acupoints. She will share case studies & protocols from her experiences as an aromatherapist, reflexologist and health coach using Aroma Point Therapy for Menopause Success.

Dawn Langley-Brady

From Case Studies to Clinical Trials: Tools to Enhance Aromatherapy Research

with Dawn Langley-Brady

Never underestimate the influential power of the aromatherapist at the bedside.

Now, more than ever, the Aromatherapy profession needs rigorous, reproducible research to support mainstream clinical use.

There is a plethora of aromatherapy research in the literature, but a good deal of it lacks rigor and information vital to aromatherapists.

In this workshop, we will compare and contrast evidence-based practice with practice-based evidence to better understand how they are related to aromatherapy research, as well as how aromatherapists can assist in building a database of high-quality research. We will review validated tools used to assess pain, anxiety, depression, sleep, quality-of-life, and more. We will discuss the Consolidated Standards of Reporting Trials (CONSORT) and its Herbal Medicinal Interventions (HMI) extension and how they should be utilized when writing case studies and manuscripts. Additionally, we will explore ways to use qualitative research methods alongside quantitative data collection to cultivate richer findings.

This workshop is geared to aromatherapists at all levels of practice. Please bring your favorite essential oil along with some room in your aromatherapy toolbox. Many handouts will be provided.

Jean Marie Bokelmann, M.D.

Botanical Medicine for the Next Pandemic

with Jean Bokelmann

This presentation considers the role of herbs and essential oils in pandemics with special focus on the current COViD-19 pandemic. The presentation includes a discussion of the history of pandemics, the specific features of COViD-19, an overview of viral infectivity and the immune response, and a study of select herbs and essential oils. Finally, the presented information will coalesce into examples of phyto-aromatherapy prescriptions for the current and theoretical future pandemics.

Tiffany Carole

The Dynamics of Fragrance: The Energetics of Essential Oils

With Tiffany Carole MS, LAc, EAMP, LMP


Discovery Objectives:


To understand the energetic nature of essential oils through engagement with the Dynamics of Fragrance 


To understand how different aroma themes create resonance and movement within the body and mind


To discover how essential oils can support embodiment pathways and thus stable integration within healing processes


Description and overview of presentation:


In this rich and engaging time together Tiffany Carole will take you on a journey of the senses designed to expand your embodied understanding of how essential oils work on an energetic and vibrational level.


The dynamic nature of fragrance can act as both a transformer and transporter of energy within the body and the psyche. Therefore, essential oils used thoughtfully and within this broader context, can serve to both fertilize and integrate change processes within individuals and community. 


Join Tiffany Carole to discover the Dynamics of Fragrance: A framework of embodied understanding of the energetics of essential oils. This time together is sure bring depth and empowered fluidity to the way that you engage with essential oils. 

Rachel Koenig

Ancient Patterns of Female Development

with Rachel Koenig


Embedded in the cryptic name of the ancient constellation of the night sky, “Triangulum” are secret teachings on primary patterns of Female Development that continue to illuminate the life stages of women today.  In this talk we  will re-discover the healing relevance of these Ancient Patterns of Female Development as we explore the use of essential oils in modern women's healthcare.  

Jah Skipper

Essential Oil Quality

with Jah Skipper

The following lecture has for ambition to highlight key tools and tricks that should help us as essential oils consumers to have the best chance at sourcing not only pure but safe and ethical oils. Based on my botanical background (Msc in Plant diversity), my course “A Comprehensive Guide to Buying Essential Oils” and a role as an essential oil buyer for Cathy's Attars I have identified common grey and potential problematic areas within the global essential oil market. We will not only delve into identifying some of these common traps for consumers but offer solutions and work arounds. The main topics that will be explored are:

  1. Essential oil Vs other Aromatic products - defining the target product category
  2. Nomenclature
  3. Adulterations
  4. Origin
  5. Pricing
  6. Conservation
  7. Ethics
Ginger Andro

Scent as Art

with Ginger Andro 

In his collection of essays, “No Man Is an Island”, Thomas Merton writes “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”  This describes what art can do. Traditionally, its components of paint, wood, clay, words, etc., are constructed into a mechanism that allows the artist to communicate heart to heart and soul to soul.

Chemotherapy transformed my life as a visual artist. Suddenly my olfactory sense overtook all my other senses. As a result, scent became an essential element in my art practice. This led me to study natural perfumery and later aromatherapy, expanding my understanding of art as a healing experience.

In this talk I will share a brief history of olfactory art and how it has changed over recent years. While discussing other visual artists who are exploring this ethereal element in their work I will also be presenting my own installation work within the artist team of Andro and Glicksman. I will describe my creative process in choosing the essential oils for a few of my pieces, sometimes in a direct relationship to a narrative, sometimes used metaphorically and sometimes created from a specific environment.

In these installations, environmental fragrance intermingles with reflective objects, video projection, shadows and sound evoking a sense of place, emotion, and memory.

Kurt Schnaubelt

Antiviral Properties of Essential Oils

with Kurt Schnaubelt

At this specific time antiviral properties of essential oils are more relevant than ever. There has been sporadic research exploring those properties but only few of those research results have been transformed in actual applications or treatment regimens. This presentation will review the highlights of the available research beginning with studies performed in the 1980ies. It will be summarized which viruses are susceptible to essential oils or their components and also what is known about the biochemical mechanisms with which essential oils or their components display their activity. Essential oil efficacy will be compared to the efficacy of conventional antiviral drugs. Finally it will be discussed why multicomponent mixtures like essential oils, designed by biological evolution, can offer significant advantages in the defense against microorganisms and viruses at the same time.

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